Mothais sur Feuille Moulé à la Louche

Mothais sur Feuille Moulé à la Louche

Mothais sur Feuille Moulé à la Louche

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Mothais sur Feuille is a historic and exquisite little goat's cheese made in the Poitou-Charentes region of western France. Bright white in colour, each individual cheese has a delicate wrinkled rind and creamy texture that becomes denser with age as it ripens.

La petite histoire: The 'feuille' is a chestnut leaf and is more than decorative. The leaves are harvested in autumn, when the colour has turned and they are ready to fall from the tree. They are then hung out, and used for cheese-making throughout the year. Applied when the cheese is fresh, the leaves are crucial to the development of the cheeses. As they are dry when they are applied, they absorb moisture from the cheese, which is then gradually returned from them during maturation, allowing the paste to break down under the leaf. The aged cheeses have hints of undergrowth and nuts, providing an even wider range of flavours.


 Milk Type: Goat Coagulant: Animal Rennet
Milk Treatment: Raw Location: France

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