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63 products

    63 products
    French Baguette Tradition
    Dhs. 13.00
    Beef Bresaola
    from Dhs. 27.50
    Salame Milano Beef
    from Dhs. 14.90
    Veal Truffle Salami
    from Dhs. 31.50
    Spicy Salami Spianata
    from Dhs. 14.90
    Bresaola Punta D'Anca
    from Dhs. 24.90
    Rye & Charcoal Sourdough Crackers
    Dhs. 18.90
    Original Sourdough Crackers
    Dhs. 18.90
    Veal Chorizo
    from Dhs. 22.90
    Grape, Pumpkin seed and Turmeric Loaf
    Dhs. 42.00
    Veal Prosciutto
    from Dhs. 29.90
    Beef Salsicia
    from Dhs. 24.90
    Dry Mango
    Dhs. 29.90
    Fig Chutney Organic
    Dhs. 32.90
    Thyme Honey
    Dhs. 39.90
    Wagyu Beef Peppercorn Salami
    from Dhs. 61.90
    Walnut Raw
    Dhs. 26.90
    Chalkidi Olives in Olive Oil
    Dhs. 44.90
    Olive Oil Intense
    Dhs. 37.90
    Fig and Rosemary Organic Jam
    Dhs. 32.90
    Pistachios Salted
    Dhs. 40.90
    Balsamic Vinegar with Grape Molasses
    Dhs. 40.90
    Sold Out
    Lavender Honey from Provence
    Dhs. 59.90
    Quince & Spices Jam Organic
    Dhs. 32.90
    Beef Soppressata with Truffle
    from Dhs. 28.90
    Veal Salami Casalingo
    from Dhs. 20.90
    Sold Out
    Seed Wholegrain Crackers
    Dhs. 18.90
    Olive Oil Organic
    Dhs. 42.90
    Veal Pepperoni
    from Dhs. 24.50
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Winter Truffle
    Dhs. 87.90
    Mango Chutney Organic
    Dhs. 32.90
    Wagyu Beef Chorizo
    from Dhs. 44.90
    Dry Apricot
    Dhs. 21.90
    Corn Salted
    Dhs. 12.90
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle
    Dhs. 89.90
    Kalamata Olives in Olive Oil
    Dhs. 40.90
    Sold Out
    Dried Oregano
    Dhs. 12.90
    Beef Pancetta Arrorolata
    from Dhs. 29.90
    Apple, Pear and Spices Organic Jam
    Dhs. 32.90
    Rosemary Honey from Pyrénées
    Dhs. 59.90
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