Your artisan cheese shop in Dubai

Maison Morand was created to promote the excellence of artisan cheese and encourage its appreciation in the heart of Dubai. We work to bring together a selection of excellent cheeses from artisan cheese makers, carefully selected by our cheese experts and mongers who have at heart the quality of the milk, the methods of feeding the livestock, the management and care in the production processes, to generate a positive impact on the production environment.

Dubai friends, get your order in as little as 30 minutes with our instant delivery option! If you prefer to schedule ahead, you can select your preferred delivery date and time at checkout. We offer next day delivery for all other Emirates if you order before 5pm.


I visited Maison Morand yesterday as we are planning a cheese and wine night for new year's eve, my first one in Dubai since 20 years living here. I really felt that I am in Paris, except the weather. The choice and quality of products is wonderful, the shop design and products presentation are amazing, not to forget the wonderful welcoming of the team.

Andre Ishac | ★★★★★

Maison Morand is a cheese lover's paradise! The variety and quality of cheeses available is second-to-none in Dubai. The boutique's stunningly chic design and the team's expertise make it an absolute pleasure to spend some time perusing all the delicious options available and learning about the different cheeses. They also offer an amazing subscription service which would make an amazing gift- I certainly loved mine. A true gem in Dubai.

Yasmine Hamadallah | ★★★★★

A true gem for cheese lovers that for me, at least, brought Dubai a little closer to home. I truly believe here you will find cheeses to suit everyone's taste - from the mild, forgiving types to the acidic bleus, to some rarer treats for the true cheese aficionados. I found the staff to be also very kind, knowledgeable and truly enthusiastic about sharing their passion for cheeses. A must go!

Broderic Rezos | ★★★★★