Acacia Honey from Loiret

Acacia Honey from Loiret

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Our exceptional Acacia Honey is from La Maison du Miel. It is harvested in Bonny-sur-Loire in the Loiret Department from April to June. Sweet, acacia honey is appreciated for its liquid texture. Ideal for its sweetening power, it will delight your herbal teas and other hot beverages, as well as "sweet and sour" cooking. Recommended for young children. It has a mild flavor and a discreet, subtly floral fragrance.

Scientific name: Robinia Pseudoacacia L. A large tree with smooth bark and hanging clusters of fragrant white flowers, they often grow in large groves. Also known as robinia or false acacia.

La petite histoire: La Maison du Miel was founded in 1898 by Charles Galland, President of the French Beekeepers' Union, to bring honey from the different regions of France to demanding consumers and to showcase the wealth of products from the hive. In 1905, he moved to rue Vignon, and today La Maison du Miel is one of the oldest stores in Paris, and is listed as one of the city's historic monuments.


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