How to build the perfect cheese board for any occasion

by Maison Morand

Nothing says "party" quite like a cheese board. A well-constructed cheese board is the perfect centerpiece for any occasion, whether you're hosting a dinner party, a holiday gathering, or simply enjoying a night in with friends. But how do you build the perfect cheese board? Here are some tips to help you create a cheese board that is sure to impress your guests.

  1. Start with a variety of cheeses. When it comes to building a cheese board, variety is key. Aim for a mix of different textures, flavors, and types of cheese. Consider including a soft cheese, like brie or camembert, a semi-soft cheese, like gouda or havarti, a hard cheese, like cheddar or manchego, and a blue cheese, like roquefort or gorgonzola.

  2. Add some accompaniments. A cheese board is not complete without some accompaniments to enhance the flavors of the cheese. Consider adding some crackers or bread, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, and some spreads like fig jam, honey or chutneys. These add a contrast of textures and flavours to the cheese board.

  3. Consider the presentation. Presentation is key when it comes to a cheese board. Arrange the cheeses in a way that is visually appealing. Consider different shapes and colors of cheese, and arrange them in a way that makes sense for your guests. This can be done on a wooden board or slate, but other platters or plates can be used as well.

  4. Serve at the right temperature. Cheeses should be served at the appropriate temperature. Soft cheeses should be served at room temperature, while hard cheeses should be slightly chilled. Take the cheese out of the refrigerator at least 30-45 minutes before serving, so that they can come to the right temperature.

  5. Be creative. Don't be afraid to get creative with your cheese board. Consider adding some unusual cheeses, like goat cheese or smoked cheddar. Experiment with different accompaniments to find the perfect pairing for your cheeses.

In conclusion, a cheese board is a perfect addition to any occasion, whether it's a casual gathering or a formal dinner party. With a variety of cheeses, accompaniments, and careful presentation, you can create a cheese board that is sure to impress your guests. So go ahead, get creative, and build the perfect cheese board for your next occasion!

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