A Journey into the World of La Cour d'Orgères, the Artisan Jam Maker

by Maison Morand

In a world where mass-produced products dominate the shelves, there's something truly special about artisanal goods crafted with love and expertise. One such treasure is the artisan jam maker, La Cour d'Orgères, a family-owned business that has secured its place as a symbol of authentic and delectable artisanal jam.

The Roots of La Cour d'Orgères

It all began with a change of life. Margareth and Pierre-Jan moved to Paris. He graduated from a top scientific school. She studied medicine. A professional opportunity sprinkled with a thirst for a slower-paced life called them to Rennes.

This was their chance to treat themselves to a slice of everyday life in the countryside, on a farm they were renovating in Orgères. A hand-sewn environment for a return to basics. They surround themselves with a goat, ducks and chickens. Then, as time went by, they acquired two hundred goats, which they cared for and milked to make their own cheese and sketch out their new profession: farmers.

In 1976, Margareth's mother Francine whispers an obvious idea. What if they diversified and sold not only milk and cheese, but also jams? It was an immediate success.

Marie-Charlotte et Vérène Indekeu

The Art of Crafting Jams

La Cour d'Orgères prides itself on maintaining traditional methods while embracing innovation where it enhances the final product. Each step of the jam-making process is a labor of love that starts with handpicking the ripest, most flavorful fruits from local orchards and farms. This meticulous selection ensures that only the best ingredients find their way into their artisanal jars.

The secret to their delectable jams lies in their cooking method. Small-batch production in copper cauldrons allows for precise temperature control, ensuring the fruits gently release their flavors while preserving their natural goodness. Unlike commercial jams that rely heavily on artificial additives and high amounts of sugar, La Cour d'Orgères lets the fruits speak for themselves, resulting in a taste that's unparalleled.

A Symphony of Flavors

Variety is the spice of life at La Cour d'Orgères. From classic favorites like strawberry and raspberry to more exotic blends like blackcurrant and elderflower, their selection of jams knows no bounds.

Each flavor is crafted to perfection, striking a balance between sweetness and the natural tartness of the fruits. Moreover, they offer a range of reduced-sugar and organic options for health-conscious consumers, making sure everyone can indulge in their delicious creations guilt-free.

Preserving the Legacy

As the world changes rapidly, it becomes increasingly crucial to preserve the timeless traditions that define our culture and heritage. La Cour d'Orgères recognizes this responsibility and takes pride in passing down their jam-making knowledge from generation to generation. Their commitment to preserving artisanal craftsmanship ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy the authentic taste of their exquisite jams.

So, the next time you spread a dollop of La Cour d'Orgères jam on your cheese, savor the flavors and savor the tradition that goes into every jar.