Mas des Bories: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Heart of Provence

by Maison Morand

"My passion for olive oil from Provence and my concern for ecology shape my vision of this craft. It starts in the estate's orchards, in the attention paid to the olive trees throughout the year, then in the search for maximum quality. 

What I lose in productivity, I gain in authenticity"  

Claire de Fina Coutin - Owner and Producer of Mas des Bories

On the heights of Salon de Provence

In a wild countryside, on the heights of Salon de Provence, Mas des Bories' olive grove stretched over an exceptional terroir, surrounded by Alep pines, oaks, broom and scrubland. Their olive grove is made of 1700 trees between 30 and 50 years old, where they cultivate local olive varieties adapted to the terroir such as Bouteillan, Grossane, Salonenque and Aglandau. 

Mas des Bories have their own mill in the middle of the live trees, to perpetuate the tradition of the olive oil producers of Provence. They produce their own oil from their very own olive trees on site, at the mill.  

A typically provencal rural landscape

The Mas des Bories estate is home to a vernacular heritage of dry stone constructions dating from the 19th century.  These constructions are made from piling up stones, without any material, and are listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. 


Mas des Bories ownes its name to the "bories", those small dry-stone huts. 

A family enterprise

Harvest begins in October and lasts 5 weeks. It is an intense time of the year, during which family and friends come to lend a hand, together with a close-knit professional team.

A commitment to high-quality craftsmanship

Mas des Bories' artisanal production is based on an understanding of the terroir and local know-how both of the olive grove and the production of the olive oil. The exceptional quality of their extra virgin olive oils is based on four key components: 

1. They pick their olives by hand to preserve the integrity of the fruit, guaranteeing an unrivalled quality of harvest.

2. Each of their olive varieties is harvested separately, when optimal ripeness is reaches.

3. The olives are processed immediately after harvest on the spot, in their artisanal mill, preserving the aromas and nutritional properties of the fresh olives.

4. They only use mechanical cold extraction processes.

Mas des Bories' Oils and Vinegar

Single varietal olive oils

These are extra virgin olive oils made from one single variety of olives. Mas des Bories' single varietal olive oils highlight the purity of the singular flavors of the finest olive oil varieties of Provence. You can find the award-winning Bouteillan Extra Virgin Olive Oil on our shelves and website, made entirely from Bouteillan olives. 

Signature Blend

Each new creation is hand-made by owner Claire da Fina Coutin and ensures the preservation of MAs des Bories' aromatic signature.  We offer the unique and Award-winning AOP Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from Salonenque, Grossane, Bouteillan and Aglandau olives.

Flavored Blend 

Their flavored olive oils are obtained by simultaneously grinding their olives with organic basic leaves, whole organic lemon or fennel flowers. You can find the exquisite Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our shop and on your website!

Mas des Bories' Vinegar 

Mas des Bories' Fig Vinegar is one of those unique provencal specialties.  The subtle and sweet flavor of the fig brings smoothness and freshness and matches wonderfully the acidity of the vinegar. We are delighted to offer it in our ship and on our website.

If you have any questions on Mas des Bories' history and products, please come by our shop in Dubai or reach out to us!  We can also deliver these products in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates!