Truffle Brie 6% - Brie de Meaux aux Truffes 6% - LIMITED EDITION

a slice of Truffle Brie with 6% Truffle

Truffle Brie 6% - Brie de Meaux aux Truffes 6% - LIMITED EDITION

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LIMITED EDITION: Truffle Brie with 6% Truffle

Only sold by piece (around 420g).

Indulge in the epitome of exclusivity with our unparalleled Truffle Brie 6%, a culinary gem found only at Maison Morand. Immerse yourself in pure opulence as a wheel of raw milk Brie de Meaux undergoes an artful deconstruction, revealing a lavish symphony of flavors. Generously filled with real pieces of black truffle-studded brillat, each bite delivers an extraordinary encounter with truffle-infused decadence, harmonizing with hints of olive oil and delicate mushroom undertones.

Its fudgy, speckled center is a feast for the eyes and palate alike. Accompanied by Champagne, this seasonal treasure promises an unrivaled indulgence. Toast to this exclusive masterpiece and revel in its unparalleled allure.


 Milk Type: Cow Coagulant: Animal Rennet
Milk Treatment: Raw Location: France

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